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Martin Kvist

Msc. Sport Science, Chief Learning Officer

Martin Kvist

I am a Master of science with a degree in Sport Science from Aalborg University, I did my masters thesis researching "The effects of fatigue on 3 dimensional shoulder kinematics". During my studies and after my graduation I was instrumental in building Partner Acrobatics into a internationally recognized brand and training provider, in the field of Acrobatics. I was the driving force behind creating their injury prevention program "prehab". A program based on my own research, experience with injury prevention and cutting edge sport science, as well as the combined experience and methods of several master therapists and athletes from around the world. I was responsible for laying the theoretical foundation, and developing a current and research based curriculum for Partner Acrobatics Teacher Training's. This work ignited my passion for teaching and learning theory, as well as proiding me with a lot of experience on how to effectively teach, present and communicate scientific research and methods.

Besides my work with Partner Acrobatics, I have coached multiple gold medal winning sport teams, and I taught the graduating class of Denmark's first experimental professional Circus education AMOC providing the students with an in depth understanding of injury prevention and rehabilitation, as well as sharing practial methods to prepare for the life as a professional performer.

I have always had a passion for software and technology, my desire to understand how things work has lead me, from working as a mechanic fixing old military vehicles, to using and managing GNU/Linux systems and servers. I am a strong advocate for Open Source Software and ethical use of technology.

During my studies I experienced first hand what I would call the "reproducibility crisis" in science, all too often data and statistical analysis was done using proprietary software and the data itself was missing, making it virtually impossible to reproduce the results. I decided when I wrote my own masters thesis to learn how to use Litterate Programming and Free Open Source Software (FOSS) tools to create a truly reproducible, dynamically generated report. To achieve this I wrote my masters thesis in a computing environment known as Org-mode using GNU Emacs effectively creating a single executable text file, containing my entire research project, all the data and the code used for statistical analysis. When executed this file would dynamically run the calculations using the statistical programming language R in order to analyse the complex 3D kinematic data, perform statistical modeling, and generate all the figures and data visualizations in real time before compiling the project with LaTeX to produce the final article in PDF format.

One of earliest careers was in forestry, and the forest has a special place in my heart. I am very interested in sustainable living and off grid technology, I dream of one day starting a sustainable living and permaculture community. Having spent quite a few years traveling the globe teaching sport science and acrobatics, I felt that it was time for a change in a more sustainable direction, I also started to miss working with science and technology. So in 2019 I decided to start the company Linux Labs dedicated to promoting the ethical use of software and technology, while providing quality consulting, cloud engineering and software development for researchers, therapists and small businesses in the healthcare and education sector.

In 2019 I also started working for AKROBAT® Ability Coaching in the role of CTO. AKROBAT® Ability Coaching is on a mission to design and build an online platform where people can find all the ressources they need to overcome and thrive through adversity - whether from disability, social disadvantage, trauma, disease or other forms of eksistential disadvantage. Ressources that can aid them in designing and navigering their everydaylife in a way that habilitate and habituate them for prosperity, abundance and happiness. Designing Lives. Creating Destinies. Mastering Journeys.

Martin Kvist, Msc.
CEO Linux Labs, [email protected]
CTO AKROBAT Ability Coaching,[email protected]